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According to § 5 TMG:

Dariusch Saber
Hedwig-Wachenheim-Karree 120
Germany - 51107 Cologne
Telephone/ Mobile: 0049 (0)179 1449241

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Court Cologne

Cologne Chamber of Commerce

Cologne, North Inland Revenue

Terms and conditions of the Agency Brazil Show in Cologne (no fee)

First General

All services (customer care, planning, organization and planning of events and the provision of services by third parties) between the client and the Brazil Show in Cologne, represented by its managing director, Daryoush Saber Kretzerstrasse 22, 50733 Cologne, only these "Terms and Conditions ". Conflicting terms and conditions of the customer shall only be effective if they are accepted by the Agency in written form. Of these "Terms and Conditions" different or additional agreements that must be in writing. Should any of these "Terms and Conditions" are invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and concluded on the basis of contracts. The invalid provision shall be replaced by an effective one which comes to the meaning and purpose of the next.

1.1 Online contents The Agency does not guarantee the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of information provided. Liability claims against the agency or officer content are excluded, unless the author is no demonstrable or grossly negligent. These online offers are non-binding.

2.1 References and Links for the content of links and references that lie outside the responsibility of the Agency is to make the agency liable. An exception is the knowledge and knowledge acquisition in order to linked content. Explain the agency and the respective author hereby expressly that at the time of linking, no illegal content on the linked pages. The Agency is making for future links and their contents are not liable. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages resulting from the use or disuse of such presented information, alone the offerer of the page referred to, and not the one who has linked to these pages. The agency will not assume any liability. Second Contract basis for business, the respective event proposal, in which all agreed services (complete scope of services) and compensation are recorded. The offers are subject to the Agency.

2.2 service of the artist The artist speaks of a preserved Gage of the Agency on the right, photo / video recordings of Show each use. Thus, it is permitted by the Agency, photo / video for the website and other marketing messages to use for an indefinite period.

Third Event Scope

Third Event Scope

3.1 The scope of the contractual services resulting from the written order confirmation. Additional agreements or amendments to change the scope of the contractual provision requiring the written form.

3.2 Changes or deviations from the agreed content of various components of the contract, the contract shall be required by the Agency to the customer immediately. As far as the changes in the agreed terms of the contract is not or only marginally affected, is the basis of this variation - the customer with no right of termination. The Agency is authorized to modify, in coordination with the customer part of the event program in deviation from the specifications. This is especially true in the case of illness of the artist, if he has acted in time to notify the Agency and reported his non-appearance in a time frame period.

3.3 If the Agency enters into contracts with third parties for realization of an event, such a contract is made on behalf of and with the power of the customer. This particularly concerns the rental of premises, the conclusion of contracts in the hospitality sector, and the conclusion of contracts with artists & Co.

4.3 Brazil Show in Cologne are secured by the artist catalog no mandatory use of the selected artists / on the inside, because our dancers are independent artists and dance in other agencies. The agency simply refers to their desire and provides a possible bet if the selected dancers appointment calendar is available.

4th Event and performance fees

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the payment claim by the Agency for each individual service as soon as it was rendered. After the agreed services, the agency has taken to the accomplishment of the show, the fee is payable in cash on them.

4.2 Cost estimates of the agency are not binding.

4.3 The Agency is responsible for weather delays of the shows due to weather (snow, freezing rain, extreme winds, rain) shall not be liable to make.

4.4 delayed by traffic congestion Brazil Show Cologne depends on Map24 and included buffer time into consideration. If the event at the agreed time not be reached, it is up to the customer, to let it take place or not. The customer is informed in advance. Taking place at the customer pays the agreed contract sum. For non-occurrence, the travel costs and 50% of the agreed fee will be worn.

5th Ownership and Copyright

5.1 All services of the agency (eg ideas, artists, concepts for events, etc.) and parts thereof shall remain the property of the Agency. The Customer shall pay the fees only by the right of use for the agreed purpose and time. Unless otherwise agreed with the agency, the customer may use the services of the agency itself and only for the duration of the contract. Changes in the agency's services by the customer is only with the express consent of the Agency and - if the services are protected by copyright - the copyright holder. 5.2 The use of agency performance, beyond the originally agreed purpose and scope of use is - regardless of whether that service is protected by copyright - the consent of the Agency. This is what the agency and the author of a separate equitable remuneration. 6th Contract principles, the relevant contract, the service lines, pipes, and compensation will be held this complete "business conditions" between the agency and the customer. The order can either come through an oral contract (type of presentation, date, time, venue and contact number) concluded, on the booking form and written through order confirmation. The exception is not recognizing the contract by the Agency. 7th Changing Room The client has to provide changing facilities, which are sufficient for all booked artists available. These must be attached to the venue and are provided free of charge in the vicinity. It should be on aussuchreichende seating and storage space and a large mirror are respected.

8th Security The customer is responsible for the safety of the artist during the whole event by appropriate personnel or other action. An artist feels threatened, it can cancel the show without deduction of costs.

1.8 Protection of minors for the presentation of the artist has to bear the responsibility of the customer in advance. The organizer has to worry themselves for ensuring that it does not violate the Youth Protection Act.

9th Termination

9.1 Transmitted an order confirmation from the agency or the customer with a reservation is authentic.

The confirmation can only be canceled until 5 days before the event by the client. Otherwise, the customer comes in for 50% of the agreed sum in the order confirmation. The notice must necessarily be present on time in writing. By Mail or Email:

9.2 The reason for the extraordinary termination for both parties is not affected. The agency is also entitled to particular if the agreed fee is not paid by the customer on the due date.

9.3 Furthermore, even if not paid despite repeated requests budget benefits under the contractual agreement.

9.4 The Agency may cancel up to at least 5 days before the event, the show free of charge. For this there must be a compelling reason.

10th The Artists Exchange Agency has the right to make an artist changes when this is necessary due to illness or similar. However, the Agency is not liable to make.

11th Date for any delays in the processing of individual orders is to make the agency liable. If, however, once a fixed date between agency and client come in agreement about, then this must also be respected and binding. 12th Liability 12.1. The Agency is committed to diligent preparation and careful selection and monitoring of service providers for the care of a prudent businessman.

12.2 The liability of the Agency is based solely on the written agreement of the parties. All rights not expressly granted herein - including claims for damages, on whatever legal grounds - are excluded, unless they are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract by the Agency, through a legal representative or agent.

3.12 In addition, the Parties agree that a claim for damages is limited to the amount of the agency, for whatever legal reason, to the agreed fee.

12.4 If the Agency is entitled in connection with implementation of the contract damages claims against third parties, the Agency shall such compensation as well as to the customer unless the customer accepts the assignment of such future claims. In such a case, the customer shall have no further claims against the agency. The customer is entitled to assert such claims at its own expense.

12.5 The Client (Operator) agrees to complete the event a third party organizer.

13th Payment

13.1 Invoices the Agency are due immediately after receipt of invoice deductions. After Written agreement with the customer may be paid in cash only after the event. In late payment apply in the amount of 8 percentage points. above the base rate as agreed.

13.2 The Customer may only undisputed claims or claims a lien.

13.3 The Agency provides artists from his file and receive a fixed commission on each booking record. Artists and dancers have to insure yourself and your fee must be taxed as income itself. The artists receive their fees with a withdrawal slip.

14th Warranty and Damages

14.1 The customer shall immediately make complaints [within three working days after accomplishment of the agency] in writing, substantiated. In the case of justified and timely complaints, the customer will be entitled to compensation. The Parties agree that a claim for damages is limited to the amount of the agency, for whatever legal reason, to the agreed fee.

14.2 Claims for damages the customer, especially because of impossibility of performance, positive breach of contract negligence, faulty or incomplete service or for unlawful acts, unless they are not based on intent or gross negligence of the agency.

15th Applicable Law The legal relationship between client and agency and the question of a valid agreement concluded and its pre-and after-effects of German law shall exclusively apply.

16th Jurisdiction The place of jurisdiction for all disputes directly or indirectly between the agency and the client disputes arising shall be agreed in Cologne. If you have any questions regarding our terms please do not hesitate to contact us!



Brasil Show Köln   •   51107 Köln/Germany • Tel.: 0049(0)179 1449241

* Awards: Fachmedienpreis: Brasil-/Sambashow 2015/18 (awarded by Showtreff) • GEDU: Brasil Show of the Year 2014
• Federation Corse de la danse: Inséme 2011 - European Dance Contest • Semifinalist - Germany Got Talent